'In A Nutshell'- About Hooraay! Global Search Engine  
  Just 1 of these 5 points is a solid reason to join Hooraay!  
Hooraay Global Search For Products and Services Getting discovered on the internet in literally seconds  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Post special 'daily deals' as often as you wish  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Opportunity to be on Global, National & Local TV  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services $100's in Listing Credits by referring other Businesses  
Hooraay Global Search For Products and Services Receive everything we offer for just $0.32 per day  
  Hooraay Global Search For products & Services  
  For anyone wondering - Hooraay is presently categorized as a Start-Up. If you've watched the videos you'll know by now that the #1 objective of Hooraay! Global Search is to assist Products and Services (Probably just like yours) to be found easily and quickly on the Web. We believe, as do many, many others, that getting one's products and services found on the web is akin to Slavery. This is why we call it 'Internet Slavery'. Unless you play by the rules of the Internet Cartel's, you are forever 'slaving' to get your product or service found amongst the billions of pages on the www.  
  Hooraay! Global Search changes ALL that. Take a couple of minutes to read below what's 'in it for you' when you become a valued member of Hooraay!. We do not promise instant results. Like any start-up, it takes time for the word to spread. But with millions of products and services not being able to be found easily and quickly on the web, (which you may be one of those) we know, that what Hooraay! offers cannot be found anywhere else. And let's face it, most, if not all of us, rely one way or another on the internet to sell our products and services. Hooraay! is an obvious choice that until now, just wasn't available.  
  Hooraay Global Search For products & Services  
  The Opportunity to be Featured on National, Global & Local TV!  

Have A Go Heros of HooraayHooraay Global Search For products & Services

It's call FREE TV, and we'll be reaching inside our internet search engine Hooraay! to find some of the most unique, bizarre, different, unusual and yes, even ordinary businesses inhabiting our Planet! Listing on Hooraay! Global Search provides you the opportunity to be featured on either Global, National or Local TV! as well as Major Airports and other high-foot traffic locations.

Read about it by clicking on the 'Hooraay Toolbox'
& click the link Free TV!

  Hooraay Global Search For products & Services  
  And now it's time to Sell with Hooraay's Global Daily Deals!!  

There's not one single person of the buying public who doesn't love a great deal! So apart from being able to place unlimited information, pics and videos on your Hooraay! listing, you have the opportunity to post your own GREAT DEALS right within your normal listing(s) Not only can you be found in seconds on Hooraay! Search, we want to create a 'deal frenzy' with the world. People searching on Hooraay! love it because they can find your offerings in the blink of an eye! But they love it more knowing they can visit Hooraay! for some of the greatest deals on the planet! This is a 'Win-Win' for everybody

  What Hooraay's Global 'Daily Deals' Means to You As a Member  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services As a Member of Hooraay! we think you can spark up even more business by adding at least 1 Current Daily Deal right within your listing where we provide you with a special section. Just because we call it a 'Daily Deal' doesn't mean you have to change it every day. You could make it valid for a week, a month or even longer. The choice is yours.  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Complete your listing as normal which includes unlimited info, pics & video. Then, under the 'description' box you will see where you place your 'Special Deal(s)'  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Your Deal can be anything you desire, but it's a good idea that the deal represents good value for money!  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Include unlimited information, pics and video (video must be links) in 'Your Special Deal' area  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services You may change your deal as often as you wish, however any deal that is posted must be available if it is live  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Great Deals means happy clients & the opportunity to turn them into long-term spenders with other products and/or services you may offer  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Any terms & conditions relating to your Special Deal must be included in the Special Deal Area  
  Hooraay Global Search For products & Services  
  Earn Absolutely Free Listings Credits as a Hooraay! Member  
  We all have friends, colleagues, family & associates that we love to share good news with. As a Member of Hooraay! easily spread the word about our site and you can earn absolute free listings that could realistically add up to 100's if not 1000's of dollars. Here's how easy it is to do:-  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Navigate to the 'Hooraay Toolbox' here on this site after closing this window and click the 'Refer our Services' link  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Add your name and email address and up to 5 people with their name and email address  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Choose to use the default message, or create one of your own. Fill in the captcha and click 'Send'  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Our database will collect the name and email address of the send and receiver(s).  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Once any of the referrals you've contacted become a Listing Member of Hooraay! we give you a free listing equal to the period that your referral's list for.  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services A notification will be sent to you advising the Listing Credits that have been allocated. Simply place another listing in the category & location you desire absolutely free!  
  More Huge Benefits From Hooraay Global Search for Products & Services  
  We also encourage you to view the videos by clicking the button that's located on each page  
Tick Allows you to discard any tasks relating to SEO - It is not necessary. Your listing can be found in seconds with a simple search  
Tick Does not require you to be listed, ranked or otherwise on traditional search engines. (One of the main reasons Hooraay! was developed)  
Tick Does not require you to even own or operate a website  
Tick You're never required to do any back linking  
Tick The content of your site can be what you wish, so long as it is legal. We do not judge you on your content  
Tick Eliminates the need to compete, pay or manage keywords or keyword phrases (Very expensive, competitive and time consuming)  
Tick No penalties for algorithm changes, because we don't have any algorithms!  
Tick Guaranteed Page #1 listing in any Category/Location - Yes Guaranteed. You can even opt for the first (top) listing if available  
Tick We would never extort, or intimidate you in any way to pay for any additional listings. You list what you want, when you want.  
Tick Your own Control Panel in your Admin area allows total control of your listings and subscriptions  
Tick Allowed to list in as many categories/locations as you wish, provided the listing is relative to the category  
Tick We limit businesses to just 6 listings in each Category/Location which limits competition for your product/service  
Tick You may end your listing at any time, and/or end your Membership with Hooraay! at any time  
Tick You will never be charged for 'Clicks or Impressions". The lower than low monthly listing cost covers unlimited views of your listing  
Tick Searchers are provided precise results relevant to their search term in the location they selected  
Tick Allows you to list your products and/or services in multiple languages  
Tick Unlimited Pics & Vid's. Apart from the 20 Pics & 1 Video in most packages, upload more pics & link more videos in the description area  
Tick Unlimited written content - Tell your whole story. We don't limit what you want to say.  
Tick Request other categories or locations to suit your business which are generally approved & provided in a few hours  
Tick We do not have a review system, hence eliminating the possibility of damaged reputation. (If a business is no good, word quickly spreads anyway)  
Tick We have limited rules just to keep everything totally legal. No immature and outdated policies that others may have.  
Tick Search is carried out just like any traditional search engine, except one selects the required location of their search prior  
Tick Listing Fees are protected by PayPal and you don't require a PayPal account to list or pay  
Tick Most impressive are our per month Listing Fees - $15.00 @ 1Mth, $13.50 @ 3 Mths, $12.50 @ 6 Mths & $10 @ 12 Mths  
Tick 5% reduction in fees for more than 1 listing, provided you have a current listing which has longer than 15 days before expiry  
Tick Listings of 6 or 12 months receive another listing of the same value FREE. (For a limited and time and is subject to change without notice.  
Tick Coming Soon - Each Member's Admin Section will have facilities to view who visited your listing plus other valuable data  
Tick An efficient support system by either your own personal Support Member, or just an email away.